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Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Blog, Finance & Money | 0 comments

Options Are Easier To Understand Than Some Investors Think And Offer Many Opportunities

Most investors nowadays find it easiest to get started by putting money into index funds of various sorts. These vehicles do indeed make great starting points, and even sophisticated investors often make use of them to some extent. Eventually, however, they can become limiting, as they normally only allow investors to track the broadest economic trends. At this point, particular equity issues become more attractive, and investing in single stocks is as far along the path of advancement that many investors will ever go. Some of the more adventurous and ambitious, however, seek to learn even more about the subject, investigating option trading strategies as a way of maximizing their portfolios’ potentials for growth. Visit to learn more about option trading strategies.

Despite their reputations among some investors, options are essentially simple instruments. Each represents a contract-backed right to buy or sell a particular stock or other asset at a particular price and time. Options are generally valued by investors according to a well-established formula known as Black-Scholes, and deviations from this idealized pricing are often singled out as opportunities to buy or sell, with this being one of the most basic strategies regarding trading in options.

More advanced investors, of course, go much further than this. In many cases, investors will seek to lock in profits or minimize potential downside by trading options in tandem with associated equities. For example, buying a particular stock at a price of $30 per share, while also buying put options at the same price, can help an investor to minimize a potential loss. If the price of the stock should plummet thereafter, the profit an investor will make on the option will counteract some of the loss on the stock.


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